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How to reach our Human Potential with Stephanie Woollard

How to reach our Human Potential with Stephanie Woollard

At age 22, Stephanie Woollard founded the organisation Seven Women after meeting seven disabled women working in a tin shed in Kathmandu.

Despite facing harsh discrimination, these women were working hard to make a living. With her last $200, Stephanie paid a trainer to teach the women to create products to sell locally and abroad. Since then, the organisation has helped educate, train and employ over 5,500 women.

How to reach our Human Potential is the question posed and discussed by Stephanie Woollard in the GK Asia-Pacific Webinar.

Stephanie says meeting these seven disabled women working despite the limitations placed on them by society inspired her to act.

“Everyone has this incredible potential within them to create and come up with ideas and innovate,” she says.

“It is that ability to not listen to any limiting beliefs we have for ourselves… to surround ourselves with the right environment to reach our potential.

“My passion for justice, and meeting these women, seeing that their community had limited them and almost put a lid on their potential with this belief, urged me to act.”

The financial help Stephanie initially offered these women was just the beginning of their journey together. It was with hard work and perseverance that together they began successfully fundraising by selling products the women created.

Stephanie says the experience was a learning curve for her every step of the way, and many things did not turn out as expected.

“Now I realize, what you might think is a good product to take to market might not be what the market wants. I learnt that the hard way,” she says.

Despite facing setbacks, Stephanie continued working to fundraiser and help the women. She offers these words of advice to those starting out on a project themselves.

“You don’t need the full vision at the beginning to know what you will do, (and) when. It is handy to know how you are going to get there, you may have a bit of an idea, but actually it develops along the way.”

Stephanie has been internationally recognized with numerous global awards including the UN Rotary International Responsible Business Award. If you would like to watch the recording of her webinar, just click on the video below.