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Scholarships for Members

Apply for some of the world’s top scholarships, grants and travel opportunities for researchers, graduates and for professional development.

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2020 Scholarships

  • All
  • Canadian members
  • research

Undergraduate Achievement Award

Golden Key Humanitarian/Service Response Award

Professor Jeff Johnston Study Abroad Scholarship

Johnson Insurance Community Service Scholarship

Golden Key Outstanding Member Award

Golden Key Professional Development Award

Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

Scholarship News

Golden Key Spotlight: Breanne Cadham, Odion Kalaci and Roxana Akhmetova

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Make your dreams come true with a Golden Key grant

We know how hard you work–and the amazing dedication you show towards your studies, community, and Golden Key chapter. We love supporting our members in every way possible, and offer a wide range of awards, grants, and scholarships to recognize your achievements and make achieving […]

We announce our latest scholarship winners – see the full list here

At Golden Key, we’re always looking for ways to encourage our members. To recognize their achievements. To help them achieve their dreams. We’re thrilled to offer a wide range of scholarships and awards exclusively for our members to assist with a wide range of purposes […]

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